Murray Mallee Services Directory

The Murray Mallee Online Services Directory provides communities with current information about the health, community and support services available in the local region. The directory also has a number of online resources and telephone services listed to assist people to find the right service at the right time to meet their needs. There are no fees involved to access the directory, or for organisations to have their services listed.

The directory launched in April 2019 and is the result of partnership approach between Country SA Primary Health Network, FocusOne Health and regional stakeholders. The Murray Mallee Online Services Directory is part of a wider network of directories across regional South Australia connecting country South Australian people and services.

This activity has been made possible by funding and support from Country SA PHN.

A high quality accessible, up-to-date web-based tool promoting local organisations and supporting timely care and referrals.

An engaging medium designed around an evidenced based framework and person-centred approach.

A resource intended to strengthen coordination, linkages and referrals within our local community.