Care Finder

Care Finder Program

The iREACH Care Finder program is delivered in partnership with Country and Outback Health. Care Finders provide in-depth, short-term support for older people with understanding and accessing aged care and other community supports.

Care Finder is available to older persons over 65 (or over 50 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders) who may;

  • Be living alone and/or without a support person, family member or friend
  • Have communication barriers, including limited reading and writing skills
  • Have difficulty processing information to make decisions
  • Have had negative experiences connecting with services in the past
  • Simply not know what resources and support may be available to them

Our Care Finder Team is here to help you;

  • Connect with My Aged Care for eligibility screening and assessment.
  • Through the My Aged Care assessment process and where needed attend the assessment.
  • Find and connect with the right aged care and community supports for your individual needs.
  • To provide high level check-in with clients on a periodic basis and follow up support once services have commenced

If you or an older person you know could benefit from some practical help to get aged care and/or community supports in place, give us a call on 8643 5600 to discuss or you can complete an online referral at

Please Note: Your phone calls and referral will be coordinated by a member of Country & Outback Health. Your Care Finder will be a local member of iREACH Rural Health.