Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rights?

We are committed to ensuring that you receive quality service. This includes:

  • Being treated with respect, dignity & consideration
  • Clear communication about your care & the service options available to you
  • Being included in decisions & choices about your healthcare
  • Your personal information is private & confidential
  • Your right to decline a service
  • Your right to have family or carers involved in your care & or present at your appointment
  • Your right to invite an advocate of your choice to be involved

What are your responsibilities?

As a client of iREACH Rural Health, it is your responsibility to:

  • Be actively involved in making decisions about your care & take responsibility for the decisions you make
  • Tell staff if you do not understand what you have been told
  • Treat staff & other clients with courtesy & respect
  • Respect the property of others
  • Take responsibility for the outcomes of any decisions you make

How long will it be before I get an appointment?

Due to the high demand for our services, there may be a waiting period before you will be offered an appointment. Wait times vary depending on the service you have been referred to.

You will be contacted by our Triage Clinician initially to discuss your current situation, needs and goals. This will help us determine which Clinician to allocate you. You will receive a letter with a date and time for your allocated triage phone appointment and information about our service. If the allocated appointment does not suit you, please get in touch with our office to change the appointment.

Please note that we are not an emergency service and do not provide immediate or crisis appointments. If you feel you are getting worse during your waiting period, be sure to get in touch with your GP as soon as possible or present to your nearest hospital.

What to expect at your first appointment

Before your first appointment, you will receive a letter with registration paperwork to complete and bring with you when you attend your first appointment. Sometimes the paperwork will be given to you on arrival at your first appointment, depending on the time frame between booking the appointment and the date of your appointment.

If you have trouble reading, writing or understanding the questions asked in the registration paperwork, please inform our Reception staff, and they will assist you.

You will be allocated 1 hour and 30 minutes for your first appointment. This will give your Clinician time to ask questions about you, your health, your history and your goals to support you in achieving positive health outcomes.

Are there any costs associated with my appointment?

All iREACH Rural Health services are free.

Can I change the time of my appointment?

If you are unable to attend your appointment, we ask that you provide us 48 hours notice so we can offer the appointment to another client.

iREACH Rural Health has a non-attendance policy relating to missing appointments without notice. Multiple missed appointments in a row or inconsistently attending your appointments may result in appointments no longer being offered to you.

If you are feeling unwell with cold or flu-like symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive to COVID-19, please contact us to arrange an alternative time and date.

Can I bring someone to support me?

Yes, you are welcome to bring a support person to your appointments. However, we ask that you do not bring children to your appointment. Infants are an exception.

How can I provide feedback or make a complaint?

iREACH Rural Health is committed to maintaining a high standard of care and welcome all feedback, both positive and negative relating to any part of our service or staff interaction.

You can provide feedback or make a complaint via our ‘Compliment, Suggestion or Complaint’ brochure. You will find this brochure by the main entrance to the Reception area at our office. 

Alternatively, you can contact us on (08) 8531 1303 or

Can my Clinician write a Report or Support Letter?

Please note that iREACH Rural Health is not funded to provide reports or support letters for medical or legal purposes, worker’s compensation, family court, any other legal matters, NDIS or Centrelink.

We can only provide you with a letter with your attendance records.

Can I see a Psychiatrist?

Please note that iREACH Rural Health is unable to provide Psychiatry appointments. If you require an appointment with a Psychiatrist please discuss this with your GP or contact the State Mental Health Team.

Can I see a General Practitioner (Doctor)?

Please note that iREACH Rural Health is not a GP Practice. 

GP Practices in Murray Bridge:

  • Bridge Clinic (08) 8539 3232
  • Murray Bridge Day Night Surgery (08) 8531 2988
  • Bridgeview Family Practice (08) 8532 2536

Location and Opening Hours

iREACH Rural Health office is located at 55 Adelaide Road, Murray Bridge on Level 1 above GCS Café.

Clients are welcome to park on the premises. If no parks are available, there is free parking located nearby on Charles Street, Clara Street and Standen Street.

Office Opening Hours are Monday to Friday
from 9:00 am-5:00 pm

Carers Rights

iREACH Rural Health aims to work with carers under the principles set out in the Carers Recognition Act, which are:

  • Carers have choices within their caring role
  • Carers’ health and wellbeing is critical to the community
  • Carers play a critical role in maintaining the fabric of society
  • Service providers work in partnership with carers
  • Carers in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities need specific consideration
  • All children and young people have the right to enjoy life and reach their potential
  • Resources are available to provide timely, appropriate and adequate assistance to carers