Chronic Pain


Living Well with Chronic Pain Program:

This program is for anyone who wants to learn new ways to manage their chronic pain, reduce their risk of developing chronic pain, or wants to manage their pain to reduce their opioid dependence.

We are learning more and more that Chronic Pain (pain that lasts longer than three months) is better managed by making small changes to control how we respond and think about pain rather than using medication.

Chronic Pain also has longer-term health consequences.

Our multi-faceted program helps identify and address these factors and includes the following services:

    Thinking Well

    Low Intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (LiCBT) will enable you to understand and manage your pain in a healthy and safe manner.

    Moving Well Exercise Group

    Low-intensity weekly exercise group to increase physical health and reduce risk of chronic diseases.

    Connecting Well

    One on one sessions with our Chronic Pain Co-Ordinator to determine the best pain management plan with integrated care with other MMGPN programs and connection to evidence based services.

    Thriving Well

    Weekly group sessions on dietary and lifestyle modifications

    • Including hands-on cooking to increase skills
    • Education about different pain management options
    • Come and try activities such as yoga, Pilates etc.
    • Guest speakers to deliver specific sessions specifically around chronic disease.